Folded Hand Towels and Dispenser


AQUARIUS Folded Hand Towel Dispenser

  • A modern, stylish ABS dispenser adds class to any washroom
  • Dispenses a new sheet every time for hygiene and economy
  • Locking design discourages pilfering
  • To prevent time-wasting emergency refills, a transparent view window shows when refill is due
  • Top-up system allows new towels to be placed on the existing towels to prevent running out


Paper hand towels are exceptionally hygienic, and the KLEENEX® and SCOTT® ranges deliver superior absorbency and strength.

Choose the right folded towel to meet your needs:


  • Hygienic, single sheet dispensing
  • A popular folded towel format – individual towels are presented open and ready for use, touched only by the user

Traditional formats

  • Hand towels are available in C-fold and S-fold, offering a competitive cost per sheet, suitable for high-traffic washrooms



KLEENEX Ultra Folded Hand Towel – AIRFLEX

  • Features exclusive AIRFLEX technology with absorbency pockets and fast-drying ridges offering an amazing cloth-like feel. This towel eliminates tabbing and tearing, reducing waste, washroom mess and maintenance
  • Sheet size 215mm x 315mm
  • Packaging – 30 packs of 124
  • Colour – white
  • 2-ply


KLEENEX Premier Folded Hand Towel – AIRFLEX

  • Thick, soft 2-ply hand towel pampers hands with premium quality and highly absorbent towel
  • Sheet size – 240mm x 324mm
  • Packaging – 20 packs of 120
  • Colour – white
  • 2-ply
  • 24 GSM


SCOTT Performance Folded Hand Towel – AIRFLEX

  • SCOTT ranges deliver superior absorbency and strength, offering high-performance, superior drying and softness
  • Sheet size – 215mm x 210mm
  • Packaging – 15 packs of 274
  • Colour – white
  • 1-ply


SCOTT KIMDRI Regular Folded Hand Towel

  • Reliable 1-ply absorbency and economy
  • A balance of quality, strength and value
  • Sheet size – 240mm x 324mm
  • Packaging – 20 packs of 120
  • Colour – white
  • 1-ply
  • 40 GSM


The powerful UCTAD technology behind AIRFLEX* Fabric delivers highly absorbent hand towels across our KLEENEX® and SCOTT® ranges.

  • Superior absorbency and strength, meaning fewer towels are needed
  • Soft, textile-like feel and appearance
  • Do not break up when wet
  • Outstanding drying performance

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